La Hora de ser Feliz

La Hora de ser Feliz is a project of like minded volunteer missionaries located in Zamora  Michoacan, Mexico and El Paso. Texas

Our fulltime presence in Cuidad Juarez came to an end after 13 years, however our missionaries continue to make trips into Juarez from El Paso on a weekly or bi weekly basis as the supplies become available..

We are dedicated to sharing God's Word and love with others. We seek to comfort, help and minister those in need. Endeavoring to follow the model of Jesus, who said His ministry was to, "preach the Gospel to the poor ... to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed, to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord" (The Gospel According to Saint Luke, chapter 4, verses 18 and 19).  

We do this by helping orphanages, schools and institutions by providing a clown and puppet show which promotes Godly living and good, spiritually based morals. We perform our shows at musical benefits and help the physically and economically disadvantaged with finaces, food and clothing. We offer an array of inspirational publications (through audio, video, tapes/CDs/DVDs) which are distributed to those we minister to. (in Zamora)

We also make visits to assit the elderly with food and clothes. Also we deliver medical equipment and clothes to the General Hospital and nursing school (in Cuidad Juarez Mexico)

We, at La Hora de ser Feliz, take our responsibility seriously by living an example of the Christian love that we preach.  Although our material resources are extremely limited, we have an invaluable asset; dedicated and sacrificial personnel. Our children are some of our most enthusiastic, energetic, and effective volunteers.

La Hora de ser Feliz goes to places where people gather to talk, counsel, and offer help. Although we speak to and perform for larger audiences, our primary emphasis in outreach has always been to interact with individuals on a one-on-one basis sharing the Love of Christ.